The Inextricable Anonymity

Thinking about the week passed away, it looks like a nightmare to Dora. Every morning in her office, she will receive a bunch of Lily. The anonymity even knows that Lily is her favorite. How could he do this. At first, Dora considers it as a kind of pursuit. But gradually, there is no card and no hint that this repeat becomes a burden to her instead of being a surprise or a romantic greeting.

It is winter now. Dora has to change her belongs such as clothes, bag, shoes and so on and to buy some new ones. But she is too busy to have time to do so. She likes to do things by herself as possible as she can so that she doesn’t ask her secretary to manage these for her. She can wear old clothes but she needs a new bag deadly for she has a business in England next week.  

After going back home, she makes herself a cup of hot coffee to warm herself. Without any hesitation, she knocks on the keyboard and input “bags on sale” in the blank of the search engine. Hobo bag is always her favorite. Dora suddenly decides to have a change. Instead of buying the newest type of Hobo bag, she tries some new ones. But her time is so limited that before finding the suitable bag, she devotes herself on the preparation of the conference in London.

To her surprise, she receives the newest Hobo bag from the famous bag store nearby in the morning besides the bunch of Lily. How? Who? Is he a hacker? When she input “bags on sale” last night, can the anonymity see what she was searching for? Dora feels freezing at back. It likes a pair of sharp eyes that stares at her in the invisible night. What does he want? What will he do next? This inextricable anonymity almost makes her mad. She has no measure to find him or stop his behavior. She wants to cry out but she can’t. All she hopes is that next week after her trip to London, the anonymity can appear or disappear. Will he chase after her to London? How awful!


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